UX, Design, Front End

BuyMatix is an intelligent SaaS application that assist to the procurement  manager for buying the best quality goods for the most competitive value.

BuyMatix is identify three main problems that most Procurement department has:

  1. Suppliers management & contract management
  2. Negotiations
  3. Finding new and proper suppliers
  4. BID / RFQ management and booking
  5. Efficiency – knowing in a “ZERO” time the RFQ’s real price by analyzing suppliers’ bids
  6. Follow up order
  7. Knowing the average market price of goods with some deviation before releasing RFQ to your suppliers
  8. Reports
  9. Working according a well define KPI (Key Purchasing indicator).
  10. Purchasing Control
  • Both buyer and supplier can work on the same system
  • Buyer & supplier can see only one layer below and not the entire roots
  • Supplier can Switch to Buyer